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Spring Has Sprung: Carolina Wildflowers

This morning on our hike through the trails at McDowell Nature Preserve in Charlotte, NC, we encountered numerous colorful wildflowers. Using our Google “Lens” feature on our Android phones we were able to identify them from the photos we took. Here are some photos of wildflowers I hope you enjoy.

Star chickweed.

Have you used that feature? It is amazing what is in Google’s database and how you can use it to identify trees, leaves, insects, and seed pods in nature. But it is also useful in identifying foods, animals, buildings, clothes, furniture, and anything in your surroundings.

Calycanthus plant.

I like it to identify artwork in a museum and learn more about the artist. Google Lens will also scan in text and translate it for you! It currently supports 19 different languages.

Common Blue Violet.

Maybe the next time you’re on a hike, walking through your neighborhood, or botanical gardens you’ll give it a try. A fun way to learn about the glorious planet we call home!

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