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Savannah, a Sweet Southern Town

If you haven’t visited Savannah, Ga yet you’re missing a real treat. A beautiful historic city on the water (the Savannah River runs into the Atlantic Ocean and Tybee Island is Savannah’s beach). Twenty two squares or city parks are located in the historic downtown. Victorian row houses and mansions line the cobblestone streets as do the oaks dripping with Spanish moss and manicured yards with pink azaleas. We just spent the weekend there and thoroughly enjoyed its southern hospitality and charm. We rode our ebikes through the squares and the many one-way streets enjoying the colors and sounds of this delightful city.

Attached row houses in historic downtown Savannah.

Mansion in historic Savannah.

A college town, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is everywhere. Our first stop was SCAD Museum of Art, my favorite art museum to see and experience contemporary art and installations. The exhibitions are always thought-provoking and impactful. Ex Libris, the college bookstore is filled with art books and art supplies, eye candy for artists like me! We had a scrumptious lunch at Savannah Coffee Roasters on Liberty Street and then stopped at shopSCAD to peruse the unusual gifts and local artworks.

John boat Savannah Oaks campground.

On this visit we were accompanied by Gypsy, our little teardrop camping trailer, and stayed at Savannah Oaks campground west of the city. Quiet and picturesque, this campground suited our needs. It’s located along a little creek where we found this little John boat at the base of some cypress knees.

Keller’s Flea Market billboard.

Sunday morning we headed for Keller’s Flea Market where we were told we might find some old Look and Life magazines and other vintage paper items such as postcards, letters, posters, and old wallpapers which I like to use in my artwork. This market is huge; I can’t tell you how many out buildings we saw and walked through. Many were really really old wood plank cabins with wood particle insulation surrounded by cars, tractors, and farm equipment rusting away. There was even a large silo on the property! However, when it came to shopping, it was a bust . . . only found two vendors where I purchased 1 Life Magazine for $4 and 2 Holiday magazines for $1 each. Some days are just like that but the “hunt” is always fun!

Old cabin at Keller’s Flea Market.

Vintage magazines for my artwork.

On our way back to Florida at the end of this vacation, we plan to spend another two days in Savannah. So much we didn’t get to see because of the crowded Easter weekend. Will keep you posted . . . now on to our next adventure!


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