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Honfleur, France

This morning I'll take you along part of our trip through France. Honfleur, a small fishing village along the western part of the country and about 1-1/2 hr drive from Paris. Our little hotel had bicycles and spent our days exploring the downtown area of shops and restaurants.

We were amazed by the vast number of flowers throughout the village and along the marina which the town was built around.

The shops were cute and quaint. The food was fabulous. I had the biggest and best bowl of steamed mussels I've ever had (at a table on the waterfront).

Honfleur was our first stop after arriving in Paris. It was easy to pick up our rental car at the airport and head west. We had reservations in Honfleur for a couple of days to get over our jetlag in a quiet little village. The next 3 weeks were fabulous. We explored much of the countryside making a rather large loop down and across the country even stopping in Monte Carlo for a day. We wanted to see how the rich and famous live (and we did see more high end sports cars and yachts than you can imagine). So on to our next destination--Mont Saint Michelle.

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Loved the photos, Rene. We've been to Honfleur and loved it! Can't Wait to see

the picture of Mont Saint-Michel!

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