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Don't Waste Anymore Time: Use an Auto Phone Dialer

Many of our friends who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccination, have had a hard time calling into the public health department or one of the local healthcare facilities because the phone lines are overtaxed. Some have dialed for 4 to 6 hours before finally getting through over a two-day period. Sadly to say we were in that group until I thought surely there is an auto phone dialer app which I could install on my phone to keep me from constantly hitting the dialer, hearing busy signals, hitting the off button, and then starting all over again. I'd like to report that I all I had to do was go to the Google Play Store (or Apple store) and search for "auto phone dialer" under the Apps. The first one on my list had 4 stars and is called Auto Redial. Works like a charm and within a few minutes we were talking with someone about getting the vaccine!

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What a great idea....thanks for sharing this with us....please keep these great tips coming!

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