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Helping Real People with Real Homes


Want to know more about how I can help you? As a painter, photographer, faux finisher, and home color consultant, I've been helping homeowners, designers, and home decor specialists select artwork for over 20 years. By understanding your personal tastes, sensitivity to color, decorating styles, and desires I can help you make a house your home. One that reflects your personality and fits into your home's decor.

If you'd like to visit me and see my artwork, feel free to get in touch to arrange an appointment or join me on one of my open studio days. I hope to see you one day soon!

Painting Info
2019 Art Open House Save the Date.jpg

I'm a visual storyteller who uses paint and a camera. Using my own photographs as a starting point, I print the selected photos on a laser printer in black and white and begin creating a composition on the canvas to tell a story of a place, real or imagined.

After the collaged items are dry, I continue painting the remainder of the canvas usually in an abstract way. I add layers of color and texture intuitively until the canvas is covered. Finally, when finished, you can see the visible history of the painting process and, if successful, expresses my feelings about the subject in a unique and very personal way.

Mixed Media Info


Journeys Into My Art and My Travels

Interested in what goes on in my art studio and where I'll travel to next? Visit my blog.

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