Fauxtographs is a term I coined in the mid 1990s to describe the images I created by manipulating Polaroid SX70 film to look more like paintings than photographs.


Hand-Manipulated Polaroid SX70 Film

In the mid 1990s I was introduced to the creative processes one could achieve using Polaroid films: image transfers, emulsion transfers, and manipulated images. For nearly 10 years I photographed exclusively with a vintage 1972 Polaroid camera and I developed my own unique painterly style of hand-manipulated images. I coined the term fauxtographs® for my manipulated SX70 photographs because I I thought they looked more like paintings than photographs hence the name fauxtographs. Using this technique I was able to soften the hard lines of photography using small sculpting tools to move the emulsion directly on the film. My original fauxtographs® are only 3”x3” and have been scanned as large digital files which can be enlarged to 40”x40” or larger on paper, canvas, aluminum, wood, or acrylic.