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Hand manipulated Polaroid SX-70 Film

In the mid 1990s while living in San Francisco, I was introduced to the process of hand-manipulating Polaroid films to create unusual "painterly" looking photographs. For nearly 10 years I photographed exclusively with a vintage 1972 Polaroid camera and I developed my own unique painterly style of hand-manipulated images. I coined the term fauxtographs® for my manipulated SX70 photographs because I I thought they looked more like paintings than photographs hence the name fauxtographs. Using this technique I was able to soften the hard lines of photography using small sculpting tools to move the emulsion directly on the film immediately after taking the photo. My original fauxtographs® are only 3”x3” and have been scanned as large digital files which can be enlarged to 40”x40” or larger on paper, canvas, aluminum, wood, or acrylic. Click here for more details about my process.

Note: Shown here are only a small portion of my fauxtographs. 


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