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Travel: Visit Your Local Art Museum

As a local artist who grew up in Eau Gallie, I am sad to say that we are losing our beloved art museum. The Foosaner Art Museum has been the cornerstone of our cultural events in the Eau Gallie Arts District for over 40 years. Currently I have the honor and privilege of being part of a two-artist exhibition at the Foosaner titled Abstraction: Retrospective Memories. In the past I have been an attendee and a docent at the museum.

Art, like music and every other form of the arts, is created to be enjoyed with all of our senses. I cannot imagine life without the arts so I savor the times I've spent at a live dance performance, a concert, or an art exhibition. With the COVID pandemic closing many of our venues, I greatly appreciate being able to enjoy viewing art, especially at this local museum.

Museums educate, entertain, and inspire people and are a great place to meet family and friends. My entire family came to the opening of my exhibit at the Foosaner; many of them flying or driving cross country to be here!

family visits foosaner art museum opening
My siblings at the Foosaner opening day. Photo by Pawan Gaikwad.

The Foosaner Art Museum has also been a place that brought people and community together for special events, workshops, and museum talks. And a place many schools brought children to be inspired and educated about the visual arts.

opening of abstraction: retrospective memories at the foosaner art museum
Opening exhibit at the Foosaner. Photo by Pawan Gaikwad.

Some of my favorite exhibits have been the black and white photography of Clyde Butcher, the horse paintings of Frits Van Eeden, the high tech art of Evan Roth, the landscapes of Larry Leach, the drawings of Huguette May, along with Cuban art, Pop Art, Japanese woodcuts, and contemporary ceramics exhibitions.

rene griffith giving a talk at the Foosaner Art Museum
Rene Griffith giving a talk to museum attendees. Photo by Pawan Gaikwad.

For those of you who have not yet visited the Foosaner Art Museum, it is located at 1463 Highland Ave in downtown EGAD. Their last exhibition pays tribute to the many people involved in the museum over the years along with the artwork of Steve Seinberg and me. The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. It is free and open to the public. The exhibit runs through June 30, 2021 when its doors close for good. If you're interested in a private tour of my exhibition, please email me at

My thanks to Ashley Milliken, director of the Foosaner, for doing such a beautiful job curating the exhibition. Thanks also to Pawan Gaikwad for the photos he took on opening day. You can reach him at

No matter where I travel, I always search out local museums and spend time there. I would encourage you to do the same whether you're in your own community or somewhere brand new. You will be greatly rewarded!


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