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Looking for Keith, Iris, and Dr. Pepper

Gypsy camper at McDowell Park Campground, Charlotte, NC
Gypsy camper at McDowell Park Campground, Charlotte, NC

Could the first two days on the road have been any more perfect? Pulling Gypsy has been an effortless task (what was all that worry about!). The weather, albeit quite hot with some showers, has been pleasant enough, and our campsites have had pull-through access (I need more backing up lessons, Charlie!) We are truly Happy and Grateful Campers! Our campsite neighbor last night in South Carolina turned out to be Pat and Judy from Vero Beach, not far from my brother and sister-in-law, and they are headed to Maine as well. We invited them to the Summer of Love celebration in Raymond, ME and they invited us to go fishing in VB when we all return to FL. Life is great for sure. Tonight we are outside Charlotte, NC in a beautiful McDowell County Park. Upon arrival we quickly uncoupled Gypsy, attached shore power and set off for “Uptown” Charlotte in search of Keith, Iris, Dr. Pepper and art galleries. If you are wondering about the first three you obviously have not discovered the TV reality show “Married at First Sight”. The current episodes are based in Charlotte. And while we did not find Keith, Iris or Dr. Pepper we did find some fabulous art galleries, one of which was a super experience with a summer show featuring 11 artists from all over the US. Turning in soon, dreaming of a SUV with a 50-gallon gas tank that gets 20 mpg! So tomorrow we will be continuing northward and stopping in New Market, VA . . . no great mishaps so far, but stay tuned!

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