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Ever Hear of Cuddebackville, NY?

I guess it was inevitable that our trip north with Gypsy would have some hitches . . . so today was the day (and hopefully the ONLY day for them!). All things considered, the hitches were minor and we are settled into campground # 4, which just happens to be the last hitch of the day! In spite of our best efforts to break camp early this a.m. in VA, we somehow managed to leave later than we hoped to. We motored through the beautiful countrysides of Virginia, PA and into New York . . . I am finally able to trust that Gypsy is still behind us, attached, and that she will follow wherever I steer . . . WOOHOO!!!!! Finally we arrived in Cuddebackville, NY, population 2,300 (what was I thinking?) and to the Oak Valley Campground, the Motel 6 of all campgrounds! The entrance to the campground was steep with deep holes and boulder-packed and our site appeared not to have been used or attended to for several years. But the setting is quite lovely with shade from hardwood trees and birds singing. We hiked the grounds' perimeter and discovered a beautiful river nearby that renewed our spirits. And then the SpeedWay Race Track nearby began their car races! All is good and we will soon be in Maine!

Sunset on the Neversink River, Cuddeebackville, NY.
Sunset on the Neversink River, Cuddeebackville, NY.

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Unknown member
Aug 16, 2019

Will we get to see you guys, or are you all booked up?

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