Paintings and Mixed Media Artwork

MY NEW CREATIVE SPACE: I've spent many years without a dedicated art space where I can be creative, play with new art supplies, make a mess and be able to leave it until I return. A place to think, and to dream. Art space! But now I have a wonderful space I can call my own art space! My new studio is attached to the back of my Florida home but has a separate entrance through the patio. With its vaulted ceilings, two large skylights, and wet sink, it was designed with art making in mind. In addition to a large rolling easel, we built wall easels along two walls to hold paintings, added a large flat file for storing papers, a drafting table for working flat, and rolling carts for storing art supplies. I moved in a couple of months ago and already it feels like it's a part of me. It's my new home away from home with no commute time!

MY INSPIRATION: My inspiration comes from taking photos locally and while traveling. I enjoy landscapes and vintage objects—old signs, motels, vintage cars, bicycles, boats, and chairs—things that have character and seem to have a story to tell. Even though my paintings are usually devoid of people, to me they seem to have the presence of someone who's just been there.

As an artist who uses photography and paint in my mixed-media paintings, I'm interested in creating artwork that tells a story. Some of these “stories” are a result of my life's history, some come from dreams, others are just plain fantasies. I often begin with a photo or other collage element such as vintage letters, maps, pages from old books and magazines, or a personal item, then I take my artwork beyond ordinary representation.